I Am Evidence

In 2017, Joyful Heart Founder and President, Mariska Hargitay, released her first documentary, titled I AM EVIDENCE, which highlights the reasons behind the alarming national rape kit backlog in the United States. The film explores how the justice system serves survivors, by providing firsthand accounts from a number of women about their assaults and the hours, weeks, months, and years following their evidence collection. By exploring the history and future of rape kits in America, and how jurisdictions have handled the untested rape kit backlog, the film tells a powerful story about how we treat the crime of sexual assault in the United States.

End The Backlog is proud to be the lead social action campaign partner for the I AM EVIDENCE documentary. The film’s social action campaign is a central component of a four-year strategy to eliminate the untested rape kit backlog and ensure policies and legislation exist in all 50 states. By using the film as a way to engage and empower survivors, activists, civic leaders, community members, and experts at the local, state, and national levels, we will continue to work alongside our partners to ensure current and future kits are tested in a timely manner, and build the capacity and framework required to pass additional policies to comprehensively address sexual violence while providing support to survivors.

To learn more about the I AM EVIDENCE documentary and how you can bring the film to your community, please visit www.iamevidencethemovie.com.


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