Why Accountability?

The name of The Accountability Project reflects our goals for it.

We seek to create a full picture of the number of untested rape kits in police storage facilities across the country.

We are achieving this goal by reaching out to police departments and asking them for a count of the untested kits in their custody. Often times, when a community discovers that it has a backlog, stakeholders come together and address it, but knowing there is a backlog is the critical first step. 

On a deeper level, we aim to bring greater transparency and accountability around rape kit testing practices nationwide.

We seek to hold law enforcement agencies accountable for the untested kits in their facilities. Each untested kit represents a missed opportunity to bring justice and healing to a survivor and increased safety to a community. Allowing rape kits to sit untested on a shelf means cases go unsolved, serial rapists remain undetected, innocent people are incarcerated and survivors continue to wait for justice.                

We—and our elected officials—must hold law enforcement agencies across the country to a higher standard: every police department must commit to testing each rape kit booked into evidence and to investigating leads, engaging survivors with compassion and care and holding offenders accountable for their crimes.

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