The Latest Rape Kit Backlog Numbers in Ohio

Earlier this month, Attorney General Mike DeWine released his office’s monthly update on the progress of rape kit testing in Ohio. He reports that:

  • 5,215 previously untested rape kits have been submitted for testing;
  • 2,546 kits have been tested so far;
  • 837 matches in CODIS, the national DNA databank, have been generated as a result of this testing.

Cited in the report is one example of the justice rape kit testing can bring. Last month, a perpetrator in Cuyahoga County, Elias Acevedo Sr., was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for multiple rapes and two homicides committed in the early 1990s. The case moved forward, in part, after Acevedo's DNA was found in a 1993 rape kit submitted to Ohio’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation as part of the the Attorney General’s testing initiative.

Here are numbers from last month, December 2013, as well:

  • 4,956 previously untested kits submitted;
  • 2,369 kits tested;
  • 766 CODIS hits generated.

Clearly, progress continues as jurisdictions submit rape kits for testing. Though years—in some cases, decades—is too long, we continue to commend officials like Attorney General DeWine—and the law enforcement officials who are sending the untested rape kits in their custody for testing—for their efforts and transparency.

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- By Lendon Ebbels, January 17, 2014

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