In The News: San Francisco Seeks to Tackle Local Backlog of Untested Rape Kits

One of our goals for the Backlog Blog is to help keep our wider community up-to-date on efforts to reduce the number of untested rape kits in localities all across the United States. From time to time, we’ll post news from around the country that highlights these efforts.

Yesterday, I came across an article in the San Francisco Examiner that discussed new legislation aimed to resolve the city’s backlog. Here’s one highlight from that article:

The Police Department would be required as part of its annual budget submission to report if it is meeting the goal of picking up rape kits within 72 hours of the reported incident, testing evidence within 14 days and testing other DNA evidence from the crime scene within a certain time frame, under proposed legislation.

I also found this quote from a local law enforcement official to be very heartening:

“Rape kits are the most valuable piece of evidence often in these cases. We support this 72-hour collection,” said Assistant Chief Denise Schmitt, who oversees the crime lab. She said the department has begun to meet that goal already.

Read the full article from the San Francisco Examiner.

And check back here on the Backlog Blog in the weeks ahead for updates on the State of the Backlog: San Francisco and an interview with local officials.

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