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Take five minutes to call your legislator today to urge them to prioritize rape kit testing in your state.

Joyful Heart Foundation has identified at least 225,000 untested rape kits across the United States. There are thousands more yet to be counted still on shelves. We must eliminate this backlog. We must give survivors the opportunity for justice and healing they deserve. We must hold perpetrators accountable and increase public safety. The stakes are too high.

Joyful Heart is working to change rape kit testing laws in all 50 states. Our goal is simple: pass legislation that will prioritize survivors, eliminate the backlog, and prevent this injustice from happening again.


Please enter your location information below to find the legislators who represent you. You will then be given their phone number and detailed talking points to help you make your call. By calling your legislators, you are letting them know that you care deeply about this issue and want them to support rape kit reform.

Make this call today. Thank you for joining the movement to #EndtheBacklog and demanding change.



Due to the phase-out of our existing advocacy platform, our Action Center is under construction. If you would prefer to email your governor, state senator, and/or state representative, please visit the website of your state legislature to find out more. 


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