Government Responses

Many officials and lawmakers at all levels of government have begun to undertake rape kit reform efforts. Government responses to help end the backlog have included:

  • Funding for rape kit testing and building crime lab capacity
  • Funding for research to study the causes of a backlog and prevent future backlogs
  • Legislation requiring the counting and tracking of untested rape kits
  • Legislation requiring the testing of all backlogged kits
  • Policies calling for law enforcement to send all kits booked into evidence for testing in a timely manner
  • Establishing specialized police and prosecutor units to investigate cold cases and follow up on leads generated by testing backlogged kits
  • Convening multidisciplinary teams to develop and implement plans for processing untested kits and re-engaging survivors whose kits were part of the backlog

 Learn more about government responses at the federal level, state level and local level.

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