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In 2010, a Human Rights Watch report that reviewed rape kit testing data from 127 of 264 jurisdictions in Illinois found that only 1,474 of 7,494 kits booked into evidence since 1995 could be confirmed as tested. That data suggested that 80 percent of rape kits may never have been examined in the state.

On July 6, 2010, Governor Pat Quinn signed into law the Sexual Assault Evidence Submission Act, making Illinois the first state to require that law enforcement send every rape kit booked into evidence to a crime lab for testing. As of December 2013, the State Police had received and outsourced 4,000 previously untested kits. From the kits tested, there were 927 matches in the national DNA database. 

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*In December 2013, The Chicago Tribune reported that Illinois had completed testing on all 4,000 of the kits in its backlog.

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Through The Accountability Project, we are using public records requests to bring the number of untested kits in Champaign-Urbana, Chicago and Springfield to light.

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