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The impact of sexual trauma often extends long after the initial shock of the event. While some patterns can be observed as general reactions to sexual trauma, each survivor’s individual experience and needs in the aftermath of trauma are unique. Often survivors report that it’s challenging to process what has happened and place the event within the context of their lives. As a survivor interacts with her environment, she may find herself in situations that remind her of the traumatic event that may bring up an array of thoughts and feelings or even somatic experiences such as heart racing, palms sweating or feeling pain in the body. Please know that these are all natural, expected reactions as an individual recovers from trauma. Resources and support are available so that this journey toward healing does not need to happen in isolation.

This following are resources that may be helpful:


In an emergency situation, always call 911. Emergency situations include a recent threat of violence, recent act of violence or if someone’s health is in imminent danger.

Crisis Hotlines

All are 24 hours a day unless otherwise noted


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