The Backlog:

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the cities where we are using public records requests to uncover the number of untested rape kits in police storage. Through our efforts, we have learned Las Vegas has a backlog of 4,385 untested kits. To learn more about our process, see below.

Right now, there is more we do not know about the backlog than we do know because few state governments and no federal agencies require law enforcement to track rape kit data. For that reason, we have undertaken The Accountability Project to bring greater transparency and accountability around rape kit testing practices nationwide.

Download the public records response from Las Vegas here.


  • Backlog Status

Partially Counted
Testing Status Unknown
Not Cleared

* This number covers untested kits from just the past 10 years 

  • Additional Information

October 2013: A local reporter learned that there were approximately 4,000 rape kits in storage at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. A sergeant with the department could not give an exact number, but provided this estimate. 

April 14: We sent a public records request letter to Police Department Sexual Assault Detail, followed by periodic follow-up calls

June 19: Call to Forensics Lab Director, who said the Lab was working on our request

July 7: Call to Forensics Lab Director, who said the legal department was reviewing information to be disclosed

July 15: Received letter from Forensics Lab indicating that of 5,231 rape kits collected since 2004, 846 had been analyzed, leaving 4,385 untested 

August 15: Sent follow up request letter for pre-2004 numbers 

Request Pending 


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