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In this section, you can find an archive of information about the rape kit backlog, including news from across the country, investigative reports that have uncovered backlogs, op-eds from journalists and reformers, legislation and policy reports, government publications and more. Browse by date or by category below.

Title Source Author(s) Post Datesort ascending
Bill heading to Gov. Wolf aims to speed DNA testing in sex assault cases Penn Live Matt Miller July 2, 2015
Gov. Markell signs bills for improved gender equality in Delaware News Works Zoe Read July 1, 2015
Greyhound mechanic preyed on women traveling through Cleveland, prosecutors say Rachel Dissell July 1, 2015
Serial Rapist Gets Life WTAM 1100 June 30, 2015
Bill expanding statute of limitations for rape cases passes Ohio legislature Jeremy Pelzer June 30, 2015
KY state auditor working to increase number of rape kits being tested WLWT Jennell Walton June 30, 2015
Edelen: Rape kit backlog means criminals free James Pilcher June 30, 2015
Lawmakers want end to backlog Durango Herald Mariam Baksh June 30, 2015
Moses Clark: Cleveland serial rapist gets life in prison after Sexual Assault Kits land DNA evidence News Net 5 June 30, 2015
Our view: No excuse for rape kits backlog Standard Examiner Standard-Examiner Editorial Board June 29, 2015
The risk we take with Charlotte's rape kit backlog The Charlotte Observer Maile M. Zambuto, Monika Johnson Hostler June 29, 2015
Self-blame: A primary source of rape victims' suffering Standard Examiner JaNae Francis June 29, 2015
Rape kit exams offer hope for justice Standard Examiner JaNae Francis June 29, 2015
Handling of rape cases undergoing paradigm shift Standard Examiner Leia Larsen and JaNae Francis June 29, 2015
Cornyn pushes Justice Department to fully implement SAFER Act, help reduce rape kit backlog The Katy Rancher June 28, 2015
Editorial: Justice for victims as Dallas' rape-kit backlog eases Dallas Morning New June 28, 2015
Three sex assault cases seen as 'extreme; Express News Jacob Beltran June 28, 2015
Untested Rape Kits: Where Local Law Enforcement Officials Stand The Ledger Clifford Parody June 28, 2015
Law enforcement struggles with rape kit backlog Standard Examiner Leia Larsen June 28, 2015
Editorial: Resolution Needed on Rape Cases The Ledger June 27, 2015
Police, advocates writing rape victim notification protocols Standard Examiner JaNae Francis June 27, 2015
Untested Rape Kits: State Budget Earmarks $300,000 for Backlog The Ledger Clifford Parody June 27, 2015
State sets new standards for rape kit costs Wisconsin Public Radio Gilman Halsted June 26, 2015
Could rape kit backlog happen again? No Detroit Free Press Nancy Kaffer June 26, 2015
Why are there 137 rape kits untested in El Cajon East County Magazine Miriam Raftery June 25, 2015


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