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In this section, you can find an archive of information about the rape kit backlog, including news from across the country, investigative reports that have uncovered backlogs, op-eds from journalists and reformers, legislation and policy reports, government publications and more. Browse by date or by category below.

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Finally, thousands of old rape-evidence kits are to be tested The New York Times Julian Aguilar August 3, 2013
Guest Blog Sarah Tofte: Police often abandoned rape kits and investigations The Cleveland Plain Dealer Sarah Tofte August 6, 2013
Justice for survivors of sexual assault Sarah Tofte August 20, 2013
Why rapists have a 76 percent chance of getting away with the crime The Birmingham News Sarah Tofte August 24, 2013
Work to end the rape kit backlog The Tampa Tribune Sarah Tofte August 30, 2013
Wayne County Prosecutor's Office works to test 11,000 Detroit rape kits to reveal suspects Click On Detroit Chauncey Glover August 30, 2013
New Orleans Sexual Assault Evidence Project: Results and Recommendations National Institute of Justice Nancy Ritter September 1, 2013
DeWine releases September update on sexual assault kit testing initiative Pike County Daily Office of Attorney General Mike DeWine September 2, 2013
The science of stopping sex crimes City Pages Judy Keen September 3, 2013
A key to prosecuting rape The Atlanta Journal Constitution Sarah Tofte September 6, 2013
When Time Is of the Essence: A Review of Collection, Transport, Handling and Analysis of Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kits and Toxicology Kits in Massachusetts Massachusetts Senate The Massachusetts Senate Committee on Post Audit and Oversight October 22, 2013
Audit finds 'unprecedented' backlog of rape kit testing Boston Herald Matt Stout October 22, 2013
Mayor A. C. Wharton Talks About Untested Rape Kits WREG Memphis Nancy Allen October 22, 2013
Rape victim calls for changes to help other sex assault victims KSNV and MyNews3 John Treanor October 29, 2013
Thousands of rape kits left on evidence shelves unopened KSNV and MyNews3 John Treanor November 1, 2013
Even more untested rape kits found by MPD WREG Memphis George Brown November 5, 2013
Lost evidence means no justice for rape victims WREG Memphis Cindy Wolff and April Thompson November 5, 2013
End our backlog of rape kit processing Shreveport Times Sarah Tofte November 6, 2013
Need to fix law enforcement inertia that allowed serial rapists to escape detection The Cleveland Plain Dealer Editorial Board November 6, 2013
Chief: MPD [Memphis Police Department] has 12,000 untested rape kits SF Gate AP November 7, 2013
Colorado Springs Police have nearly 20% of all untested rape kits in Colorado ABC7 Denver Keli Rabon November 9, 2013
Thousands of Detroit rape victims may never see justice Al Jazeera America Bisi Onile-Ere November 13, 2013
Decades old rape cases solved following surge in DNA rape kit testing program ABC News Channel 5 Ron Regan November 18, 2013
Cleveland's police chief explains backlog in DNA testing involving rape kit evidence ABC News Channel 5 Ron Regan November 20, 2013
Many rape kits tested, many more to be done WKYC Tom Beres November 20, 2013


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