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In this section, you can find an archive of information about the rape kit backlog, including news from across the country, investigative reports that have uncovered backlogs, op-eds from journalists and reformers, legislation and policy reports, government publications and more. Browse by date or by category below.

Title Sourcesort ascending Author(s) Post Date
Rape suspect Melvin Yarbor back behind bars after ABC15 investigation ABC15 Dave Biscobing and Lauren Gilger January 8, 2014
Advocates: Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights Coming to State Legislatures Rewire Christine Grimaldi October 14, 2016
What's In A Rape Kit? Yahoo Healthy Refinery29 March 28, 2015
Millions Earmarked to Clear Massive Rape Kit Backlog Yahoo! Health Jennifer Gerson Uffalussy September 10, 2015
Sexual Assault Kit Testing Underway in The Mountain State Exponent Telegram JoAnn Snoderly January 28, 2018
Senate Passes Sexual Assault Victims’ Bill of Rights State Journal Rusty Marks January 24, 2018
A Common Sense Bill Long Overdue WV News John Miller February 2, 2018
Police Official: All Backlogged Rape Kits Tested ABC36 Veronica Jean Seltzer November 4, 2017
Schimel Defends Delays in Rape Kit Testing Wisconsin Radio Network Andrew Beckett December 27, 2017
Schimel: Flood Of Submissions Slowing Sexual Asssault Kit Testing Wisconsin Public Radio Associated Press December 6, 2017
FDLE: More than 1,000 SWFL rape kits, thousands statewide, remain untested WINK News January 4, 2016
KBI’s Sexual Assault Kit Initiative Recommends All Sexual Assault Kits be Submitted to a Laboratory and Tested WIBW News Now News Release April 13, 2018
Kansas Reaches Milestone In Sexual Assault Kit Initiative Program WIBW News Now Nick Gosnell March 14, 2017
Fact Sheet: The "It's On Us" Campaign Launches new PSA, Marks One-Year Since Launch of "It's On Us" Campaign to End Campus Sexual Assault The White House Office of the Press Secretary September 1, 2015
FACT SHEET: Investments to Reduce the National Rape Kit Backlog and Combat Violence Against Women The White House Office of the Press Secretary March 16, 2015
Virginia deserves applause for its work to eliminate a rape kit backlog The Washington Post The Washington Post Editorial Board June 19, 2017
The law mandates rape exams — but the right training to conduct them is just as vital The Washington Post Terri Slapak-Fugate May 19, 2016
America, test all the rape kits Washington Post Editorial Board September 16, 2015
Maryland has to address its rape kit backlog The Washington Post Washington Post Editorial Board February 5, 2017
Is Maryland giving rape victims short shrift? Washington Post Washington Post Editorial Board September 15, 2016
For Baltimore rape victims, added pain Washington Post Editorial Board Washington Post Editorial Board August 12, 2016
California may soon eliminate the statute of limitations for rape charges Washington Post Wonkblog Danielle Paquette September 7, 2016
Baltimore prosecutor on woman reporting rape: 'Seems like a conniving little whore' The Washington Post Danielle Paquette August 11, 2016
You Have to Drive An Hour for a Rape Kit in Rural America The Washington Post Danielle Paquette April 19, 2016
Bill Cosby might have changed the way police investigate rape The Washington Post Danielle Paquette February 2, 2016


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