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In this section, you can find an archive of information about the rape kit backlog, including news from across the country, investigative reports that have uncovered backlogs, op-eds from journalists and reformers, legislation and policy reports, government publications and more. Browse by date or by category below.

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Rape kit testing in Louisiana Best of New Orleans Alex Woodward April 7, 2014
House OKs Maloney bill targeting rape kit backlog New York Daily News Joseph Straw April 7, 2014
Illinois Senate passes rape kit reform Chicago Tribune Maura Zurick April 7, 2014
Attorney general honored for rape kit processing San Francisco Chronicle Associated Press April 8, 2014
$2 million to clear rape kit backlog cut from budget WMCTV 5 Nick Kenney April 10, 2014
$2 Million Won’t Be Budgeted For Rape Kit Testing In Tennessee WREG Memphis Ashley Crockett and Michele Reese April 10, 2014
Tennessee Republicans Shoot Down $2 Million For Untested Rape Kits The Huffington Post Amanda Terkel April 12, 2014
MPD: Child victim's rape kit tested in timely manner The Commercial Appeal Marc Perrusquia April 12, 2014
Let’s get rape evidence off the shelves and start solving crimes The Washington Post Editorial Board April 13, 2014
Victims wait on untested rape kits The Tennessean Brian Haas April 13, 2014
Blame game underway in lack of rape prosecutions, lab testing The Salt Lake Tribune Christopher Smart April 15, 2014
Update On Sexual Assault Kit Backlog Shows Progress WREG Memphis Katie Rufener April 15, 2014
Shelby County sheriff calls for $75,000 to clear rape-kit backlog The Commercial Appeal Christina Wright April 16, 2014
Memphis making progress on rape kit testing SFGate Adrian Sainz April 16, 2014
Salt Lake police present plan to improve processing of rape kits Deseret News Madeleine Brown April 16, 2014
Work For Rape Victims Moves Forward KCSG Elizabeth Roberts April 17, 2014
As Detroit rape kits sit untested, justice for victims is denied Detroit Free Press Paul Egan and Gina Damron April 21, 2014
Ongoing Rape Kit Backlog Fallout Expands The Memphis Daily News Bill Dries April 21, 2014
Delay in Detroit rape kit testing left serial rapists at large, report Al Jazeera Renee Lewis April 21, 2014
Oldham Catches Criticism for County’s Rape Kit Backlog The Memphis Daily News Bill Dries April 22, 2014
Michigan House Bill 5445 Michigan State Legislature Bert Johnson April 22, 2014
Victims wait as rape kits go untested WTNH News 8 Staff April 23, 2014
Michigan lawmakers support bill to require prompt testing of rape kits Detroit Free Press Paul Egan April 23, 2014
Cornyn: It's time for sexual assault victims to find justice in U.S. The Houston Chronicle Senator John Cornyn April 23, 2014
Bill mandates deadlines for rape kit testing Michigan Public Radio Virginia Gordan April 24, 2014


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