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In this section, you can find an archive of information about the rape kit backlog, including news from across the country, investigative reports that have uncovered backlogs, op-eds from journalists and reformers, legislation and policy reports, government publications and more. Browse by date or by category below.

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New York City's Public Hospitals Have Destroyed 840 Untested Rape Kits in the Past 5 Years Teen Vogue Lauren Rearick November 29, 2017
ISP Creates Online Sexual Assault Kit Tracking System KVTB Natalie Shaver November 28, 2017
Editorial: Time for Missouri to Tackle its Backlog of Untested Rape Kits St. Louis Post-Dispatch St. Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial Board November 27, 2017
Audit Finds Over 3,000 Alaskan Rape Kits Not Tested 2KTUU Samantha Angaiak & Sidney Sullivan November 27, 2017
No Rape Kit Should Go Untested Amid #MeToo Movement The Hill Eileen M. Decker November 27, 2017
Juneau’s Rape Kit Backlog is ‘One of The Worst’ Nationwide Juneau Empire James Brooks November 26, 2017
Missouri Rape Kit Audit Set to Be Done in Early 2018 Fox2Now Associated Press November 25, 2017
Florida Ahead of Schedule Testing Backlogged Rape Kits NBC2 Rachel Polansky November 24, 2017
Mass. House Approves Proposal to Create Tracking System for Untested Rape Kits and Evaluate Backlog Mass Live Scott J. Croteau November 15, 2017
Jones' Proposal To Address Backlog Of Untested Rape Kits Approved North Reading Patch Bob Holmes November 15, 2017
Fox San Antonio Investigates Sexual Assault Case Handling by SAPD Fox San Antonio Yami Virgin November 15, 2017
Rape Kit Backlog Finally Cleared Bowling Green Daily News Bowling Green Daily News Staff November 15, 2017
In Major Policy Shift, HPD Plans to Clear Backlog of Rape Kits Hawaii News Now Mileka Lincoln November 13, 2017
Public Hospitals in NYC Have Destroyed Over 800 Rape Kits Since 2012 Broadly Vanessa Nason November 13, 2017
Rape Kit Tracking Program Will Benefit Victims Daily Mining Gazette Daily Mining Gazette Editorial Board November 13, 2017
First Step in Sexual Assault Kit Audit: 'Getting Actual Numbers,' Hawley Says Missourian Anna Brett November 12, 2017
Missouri Attorney General Announces Audit of Unprocessed Sexual Assault Evidence Kits Missourian Paige Cox November 9, 2017
Update: Victim Advocate Weighs in on Rape Kit Backlog Being Investigated by AG KOMU8 Amber Sipe & Celine Pence November 9, 2017
Rape Kit Examined with Grant Funds Leads to Conviction in 2010 Flint Case ABC12 ABC12 News Team November 9, 2017
Snyder Signs Extra Funding for Rape Kit Tracking Detroit News Michael Gerstein November 9, 2017
I Am Evidence': As Mobile, Birmingham Tackle Rape Evidence Backlog, Documentary Highlights Issue Alabama .com Lawrence Specker November 8, 2017
More Than 20 Arrested after Fayetteville Police Reinvestigate Old Sexual Assault Cases CBS North Carolina Sheena Elzie November 8, 2017
Rape Survivor Urges Legislative Action on Wisconsin's Untested Rape Kits Post-Crescent Chris Mueller November 7, 2017
Rape Kit Report is One More Effort to Fight Crime Alaska Native News Drew Cason November 6, 2017
Marin Voice: Marin Needs In-County Exams for Rape Victims Marinij Anna Pletcher & Jessica Jackson Sloan November 6, 2017


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