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In this section, you can find an archive of information about the rape kit backlog, including news from across the country, investigative reports that have uncovered backlogs, op-eds from journalists and reformers, legislation and policy reports, government publications and more. Browse by date or by category below.

Titlesort ascending Source Author(s) Post Date
Untested rape kits merit focus My San Antonio Editorial Staff April 25, 2012
Untested rape kits linked to crime lab backlog ABC FOX Montana Jackie Coffin November 10, 2016
Untested rape kits lead to more crimes CBS News Armen Keteyian and Laura Strickler November 10, 2009
Untested Rape Kits In Nevada to be Tested Associated Press Ken Ritter May 30, 2015
Untested rape kits in Idaho raise concerns Chron November 9, 2015
Untested rape kits gather dust across region Press Connects Anthony Borrelli July 18, 2015
Untested rape kits demand audit, Iowa officials say Des Moines Register MacKenzie Elmer July 17, 2015
Untested rape kits could hold key to unsolved cases Greenville Online Anna Lee, Liv Osby, Tim Smith July 17, 2015
Untested rape kits closer to being tested after bill prompted by CALL7 Investigation passes cmte. ABC7 Denver Keli Rabon, Tak Landrock March 7, 2013
Untested rape kits at SLCPD to be re-reviewed FOX13Now Fox 13 News June 2, 2014
Untested rape kits at Bend Police Department KTVS Katie Higgins June 17, 2015
Untested rape kits aren't the problem Joan Quigley August 17, 2015
Untested rape kit identifies suspect accused of gang rape in Detroit Fox 2 Detroit January 26, 2017
Untested Rape Kit Backlog Represents A 'Public Safety Issue' In U.S. NPR Melissa Block May 20, 2015
Untested Rape Exam Kits Number Thousands in Indiana Indiana Lawyer Dave Stafford September 20, 2017
Untested Grady Memorial Hospital rape kits slated for DNA analysis Atlanta Journal Constitution Willoughby Mariano January 19, 2016
Untested Evidence in Sexual Assault Cases: Using Research to Guide Policy and Practice National Institute of Justice Nancy Ritter January 1, 2013
Untested DNA kits are a failure, and state's answer isn't multiple choice Pilot Online Roger Chesley July 11, 2015
Untested DNA evidence leaves rape victims and communities vulnerable: Editorial Editorial Board March 6, 2015
Untested 'rape kits' headed to lab thanks to grant funding News Source 16 News Staff October 21, 2015
Unprocessed justice: investigating the rape kit backlog CBS7 West Texas Shannon Murray July 22, 2012
Unknown rapist John Doe #2 now connected to 4 rapes Rachel Dissell August 20, 2015
Unique Program Delivers Emergency Care Person to Native Victims of Sexual Assault Wyoming Public Radio Melodie Edwards August 28, 2015
UNFOUNDED: Why police dismiss 1 in 5 sexual assault claims as baseless The Globe and Mail Robyn Doolittle February 3, 2017
Unfounded: Mishandling of sex-assault cases violates right to equality, lawsuit alleges The Globe and Mail Robyn Doolittle April 5, 2017


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