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In this section, you can find an archive of information about the rape kit backlog, including news from across the country, investigative reports that have uncovered backlogs, op-eds from journalists and reformers, legislation and policy reports, government publications and more. Browse by date or by category below.

Title Source Author(s) Post Datesort ascending
Detroit Prosecutor says $15 million needed to analyze 11,000 rape kits The Crime Report April 24, 2012
State Police Announce Specialized Unit for Rape Kit Processing April 20, 2012
Let's seek justice for women Houston Chronicle Senator John Cornyn April 20, 2012
Kym Worthy's mission: solve 11,000 rapes The Daily Beast Abigail Pesta April 9, 2012
A needed revolution: rape and U.S. justice The Daily Beast Sarah Tofte April 9, 2012
Woman's lawsuit claims Harvey failed to test rape kit Chicago Tribune Dawn Rhodes March 22, 2012
Dallas County DA urges U.S. senators to keep funding post-conviction DNA tests Dallas News Sean Collins Walsh March 21, 2012
1000s of untested rape kits deny many justice CBS News Associated Press March 18, 2012
Detroit's untested rape kit backlog could bring justice, but reopen old wounds The Huffington Post Corey Williams March 18, 2012
Rape kit untested for nearly two years ABC7 KATV Jason Pederson March 1, 2012
Detroit team methodically pores over rape kits Associated Press Corey Williams February 27, 2012
Old rape kits from Detroit crime lab could be tested Detroit Free Press Corey Williams February 16, 2012
Justice Delayed: A WTOL11 Investigation Toledo News Now Lisa Rotella, Nick Bade February 16, 2012
Detroit Rape Kits Found in Storage Facility to Be Reveiwed, Tested for Crimes Dating to the 1980s The Huffington Post Corey Williams February 15, 2012
Senate Passes DNA Databank Expansion Bill New York Senate Office of New York Senator Dean G. Skelos January 31, 2012
Texas SB 1636 Texas Legislature Texas Senate September 1, 2011
Evidence Ignored In Unsolved Rape Cases Honolulu Civil Beat Adrienne LaFrance May 31, 2011
The Road Ahead: Unanalyzed Evidence in Sexual Assault Cases National Institute of Justice Nancy Ritter May 1, 2011
America's Cold-Case Crisis The Daily Beast Linda Fairstein April 4, 2011
Rebuttal: Justice Requires Rape-Kit Testing Women's eNews Sarah Tofte April 4, 2011
Extending the Time to Collect DNA in Sexual Assault Cases National Institute of Justice Journal Terry Taylor March 1, 2011
Solving the Problem of Untested Evidence in Sexual Assaults National Institute of Justice Journal Nancy Ritter March 1, 2011
State Police Vow To Eliminate Rape Kit Backlog CBS Chicago February 18, 2011
AB 1017 Would Strengthen Laws Regarding Rape Kit Testing LA Progressive Anthony Portantino February 17, 2011
State crime lab reports more than 4,000 untested rape kits Chicago Tribune Megan Twohey February 17, 2011


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