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In this section, you can find an archive of information about the rape kit backlog, including news from across the country, investigative reports that have uncovered backlogs, op-eds from journalists and reformers, legislation and policy reports, government publications and more. Browse by date or by category below.

Title Sourcesort ascending Author(s) Post Date
Repeat sex offender arrested, charged with 2012 rape WNDU Tricia Harte August 11, 2015
Challenging Indiana's Rape Law - Part 1: When a rapist goes free Megan Hickey July 3, 2015
Raleigh man who stole shrimp matches DNA from 2000 rape case WNCN WNCN Staff December 5, 2014
Annie Kuster, other members of Congress form sexual assault task force WMUR Jean Mackin April 5, 2017
DNA processing in Salisbury rape case WMDT Michelle Mackonochie March 27, 2015
$2 million to clear rape kit backlog cut from budget WMCTV 5 Nick Kenney April 10, 2014
Serial rapist could have been stopped years ago, says DA WMCTV 5 Justin Hanson March 21, 2014
Memphis has largest backlog of untested rape kits in the US WMCTV 5 Kontji Anthony February 12, 2014
Judge outraged by untested rape kits delaying justice WMCTV 5 Andrew Douglas January 31, 2014
Man sentenced for rape more than decade after assault WMCTV 5 WMCTV Staff January 29, 2014
Rape victim gets justice 11 years after assault WMC-TV 5 Nick Kenney December 12, 2013
Backlogged Memphis rape kit tied to serial killer, rapist WMC Action News 5 KFVS May 24, 2017
Attorney claims city withheld documents about rape kit backlog WMC Action News 5 November 13, 2015
Local, national leaders gather to tackle rape kit backlog WMC Action News 5 WMC Action News 5 Staff October 20, 2015
Rape kit backlog funds provide new counseling WMC Action News 5 Felicia Bolton September 16, 2015
More than $3.9M provided for rape kit testing WMC Action News 5 Felicia Bolton September 10, 2015
Rape kit tested 13 years later, arrest made 15 years after attack WMAC Action News 5 Kontji Anthony July 30, 2015
Rape kit lands another suspected Memphis rapist behind bars WMAC Action News 5 Jerry Askin June 19, 2015
Rape suspect free for 11 years, despite victim naming her attacker WMAC Action News 5 June 11, 2015
More than a dozen women join untested rape kits lawsuit WMC Action News 5 Kontji Anthony April 6, 2015
Investigators identify 52 suspected rapists as rape kit testing continues WMC Action News 5 Ben Watson January 20, 2015
Rape kit testing helps indict former MPD officer in a 2000 rape WMC Action News 5 September 9, 2014
Rape kit lawsuit moves from federal to state court WMC-TV Kontji Anthony August 26, 2014
MPD, council committee: rape kit testing makes progress WMC Action News 5 Nick Kenney July 15, 2014
Understanding the case: Memphis' backlogged rape kits WMC Action News 5 September 18, 2014


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