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In this section, you can find an archive of information about the rape kit backlog, including news from across the country, investigative reports that have uncovered backlogs, op-eds from journalists and reformers, legislation and policy reports, government publications and more. Browse by date or by category below.

Title Sourcesort ascending Author(s) Post Date
Maryland House Bill 1341: Sexual Assault Survivors' Right to Know Act Maryland State Legislature Heather R. Mizeur February 7, 2014
Why Thousands Of Rape Kits Are Going Untested NPR On Point with Tom Ashbrook July 23, 2015
Police agencies flood state crime lab with 'rape kits' Online Athens Lauren McDonald and Walter Jones July 26, 2015
In wake of Cosby scandal, California removes statute of limitations for rape charges NYT Live Women in the World Staff September 29, 2016
Woman had to visit 3 hospital emergency rooms before finally being given a rape kit The New York Times Women in the World Staff August 28, 2016
Rape kit tests in Ohio find more than half of sexual assaults committed by serial rapists The New York Times WITW STAFF June 9, 2016
Detroit women pledge $600k to solve untested rape-kit crisis New York Times Women In The World October 9, 2015
U.S. to spend $80 million on solving rape kit backlog Women in the World New York Times September 14, 2015
Journalist's discovery of rape kit backlog leads to new law and arrests New York Times WITW Staff May 20, 2015
Outrageous policies toward rape victims: want a real reason to be outraged? The New York TImes Nicholas D. Kristof October 26, 2012
Memphis Gets Big Grant for Rape Kit Testing NYSE Post September 11, 2015
"I remember those eyes, Victim Recalls 1995 Rape at Trial New York Post Kenneth Garger and Laura Italiano June 8, 2016
Politicians pledge nearly $80M for rape-kit testing New York Post September 10, 2015
It goes beyond Jameis: Three years to process Florida State rape kit New York Post Post Wire Report December 25, 2014
Money Alone Won't Solve the Rape-Kit Backlog NY Magazine Erica Schwiegerhausen July 17, 2015
Does This Mean All Those Old Rape Kits Will Finally Get Tested? New York Magazine Alex Ronan March 19, 2015
Houston Clears Rape-Kit Backlog, Finds 850 DNA Matches New York Magazine Claire Landsbaum February 24, 2015
Jackson man sentenced in rape case Inde Online Ed Ballint May 1, 2015
$41 Million for Rape-Kit Processing in Omnibus Spending Bill Nonprofit Quarterly Ruth McCambridge December 17, 2015
DOJ and Manhattan DA Announce $79M in Grants to Eradicate Rape Kit Backlog Nonprofit Quarterly Shafaq Hasan September 11, 2015
Detroit Vows to #ENDTHEBACKLOG, Tests 10,000 Rape Kits Nonprofit Quarterly Shafaq Hasan September 4, 2015
State Auditor announces actual number of backlogged rape kits NM Political Report Andy Lyman December 18, 2015
More money, resources need for rape kit backlog NM Political Report Andy Lyman November 30, 2015
DA hopefuls, State Auditor want to look into rape kit backlog NM Political Report Andy Lyman October 13, 2015
Republicans making it harder to catch rapists admin25 August 31, 2014


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