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In this section, you can find an archive of information about the rape kit backlog, including news from across the country, investigative reports that have uncovered backlogs, op-eds from journalists and reformers, legislation and policy reports, government publications and more. Browse by date or by category below.

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An Old Dominion University student said campus police prevented her from getting rape kit Mic Sarah Harvard October 13, 2016
20 years after stranger raped Minnesota woman, a suspect is charged Duluth News Tribune Sarah Horner March 2, 2017
More than 100 Peninsula-area rape evidence kits not tested, report shows Daily Press Sarah J. Ketchum July 18, 2015
Nearly 11,000 Sexual Assault Kits Untested, Survey Said Florida's 89.1 WUFT-FM Sarah Kimbro November 9, 2015
Rape Kit Backlog Threatens Justice for Survivors Austin Chronicle Sarah Marloff August 12, 2016
Signs of Optimism at Troubled Crime Lab Austin Chronicle Sarah Marloff September 15, 2017
Rape Kit Backlog Reaches Zero Austin Chronicle Sarah Marloff April 9, 2018
Who’s Testing APD’s Backlog of Evidence? The Austin Chronicle Sarah Marloff February 24, 2017
“A Victim-Centered Process” for Solving Sex Crimes The Austin Chronicle Sarah Marloff June 2, 2017
APD Knew About Moldy Rape Kits Back in April The Austin Chronicle Sarah Marloff July 7, 2017
Sexual Assault Advocates Demand Answers for Rape Kit Negligence The Austin Chronicle Sarah Marloff March 1, 2017
APD Updates County on Moldy Rape Kits The Austin Chronicle Sarah Marloff July 6, 2017
Why Aren’t UT Students Getting Rape Kits? Austin Chronicle Sarah Marloff March 30, 2018
Dallas begins testing backlog of 4,140 rape kits Dallas Morning News Sarah Mervosh October 22, 2014
What's the status of Dallas' rape kit backlog? These charts explain Dallas Morning News Sarah Mervosh June 25, 2015
Dallas DA preps for surge in cases as backlogged rape kits are tested Dallas News Sarah Mervosh, Julie Fancher June 24, 2015
Cause Celeb: Mariska Hargitay seeks more sexual-assault nurses and an end to rape kit backlogs The Washington Post Sarah Polus June 16, 2017
Cornyn Holding Hearing on Rape Kit Backlogs; Democrats Complain About Committee Name Breitbart News Sarah Rumpf May 20, 2015
Texas Drivers Have Donated $25K This Month Alone to Help Clear Rape Kit Testing Backlog Dallas News Sarah Sarder January 25, 2018
Man sentenced for sexual assault The Times-Tribune Sarah Scinto August 21, 2015
Police: Two years and waiting for 350 sexual assault evidence kits to be tested WBAY Sarah Thomsen January 27, 2017
A key to prosecuting rape The Atlanta Journal Constitution Sarah Tofte September 6, 2013
End our backlog of rape kit processing Shreveport Times Sarah Tofte November 6, 2013
Work to end the rape kit backlog The Tampa Tribune Sarah Tofte August 30, 2013
Wayne County must put safety of its communities first: Sarah Tofte Detroit Free Press Sarah Tofte June 5, 2013


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