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In this section, you can find an archive of information about the rape kit backlog, including news from across the country, investigative reports that have uncovered backlogs, op-eds from journalists and reformers, legislation and policy reports, government publications and more. Browse by date or by category below.

Title Sourcesort descending Author(s) Post Date
State Auditor says report to be released on untested rape kits WKYT September 19, 2015
What caused Kentucky's rape kit backlog? WLKY January 19, 2017
Auditor announces plan to clear rape kit backlog April 15, 2015
Auditor: More than 3,000 rape kits untested in state Mark Vanderhoff September 21, 2015
KSP to receive $1.9 million grant to help with rape kit backlog September 10, 2015
McConnell, rape victims' advocate urge bill to reduce rape-kit backlog WLKY Mark Vanderhoff August 12, 2014
Senator sponsors legislation that could expedite rape kits testing WLKY Mark Vanderhoff February 26, 2015
Victims wait for justice as rape kits sit in lab backlogs WLKY Mark Vanderhoff July 29, 2014
Victims wait for justice as rape kits sit in lab backlogs WLKY Louisville Mark Vanderhoff July 28, 2014
Three-year-cold case finally receives justice WLKY Erica Coghill October 21, 2014
Gulfport man sentenced to 45 years for sexual assault WLOX Dave Ryan August 13, 2015
Years delayed, Detroit starts testing rape kits for evidence NPR WlRN Florida Editorial Staff December 29, 2012
Man sentenced to 40 years after DNA found in untested rape kit 89 WLS July 25, 2014
AG: Ohio has tested 7,000 rape kits, found 2,500+ DNA matches Associated Press WLWT April 9, 2015
Gov. Kasich signs bill extending period to prosecute rape, sexual battery WLWT Karin Johnson July 17, 2015
KY state auditor working to increase number of rape kits being tested WLWT Jennell Walton June 30, 2015
Ohio tests more than 9,800 rape kits or DNA matches WLWT February 3, 2016
Ohio's deadline approaches for DNA testing of untested rape kits WLWT September 25, 2015
Police: Rape suspect's DNA matched at 1 in 13 quintillion rate January 26, 2016
Senate committee approves rape case prosecution extension WLWT June 24, 2015
Understanding the case: Memphis' backlogged rape kits WMC Action News 5 September 18, 2014
MPD, council committee: rape kit testing makes progress WMC Action News 5 Nick Kenney July 15, 2014
Rape kit lawsuit moves from federal to state court WMC-TV Kontji Anthony August 26, 2014
Rape kit testing helps indict former MPD officer in a 2000 rape WMC Action News 5 September 9, 2014
Investigators identify 52 suspected rapists as rape kit testing continues WMC Action News 5 Ben Watson January 20, 2015


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