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In this section, you can find an archive of information about the rape kit backlog, including news from across the country, investigative reports that have uncovered backlogs, op-eds from journalists and reformers, legislation and policy reports, government publications and more. Browse by date or by category below.

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Lawmakers visit Midland to address rape kit backlog CBS7 West Texas Shannon Murray October 9, 2012
Agencies say they're following law with untested rape kits Star Tribune Shannon Prather and Karen Zamora December 8, 2015
Governor Cuomo Proposes Hospitals Store Rape Kits for More Than 30 Days WIVB4 Shannon Smith January 24, 2018
Rape kit backlog reflects failure of justice in Alaska Alaska Dispatch News Shannyn Moore September 6, 2016
Old Rape Kits and 4 Brave Women Bring Rapist to Justice ABC News Sharon Cohen June 1, 2015
Will new focus on rape kit tests put thousands behind bars? Associated Press Sharon Cohen May 31, 2015
Identifying rapist through DNA testing of old kits can bring victims pain, gain Columbus Dispatch Sharon Cohen June 1, 2015
State issues new rules for sexual assault cases Burlington County Times Sharon Lurye July 10, 2014
Editorial: West Virginia begins work on rape kit backlog Herald Dispatch Sharon Pressman December 18, 2015
Advocate Calls New State Law Written to Reduce Rape Kit Backlog “A Great First Step" WV Metro News Shauna Johnson April 9, 2018
Unearthing problems can help solve them The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Shawn McIntosh December 31, 2016
More Than 20 Arrested after Fayetteville Police Reinvestigate Old Sexual Assault Cases CBS North Carolina Sheena Elzie November 8, 2017
Rape Kit Backlog Subject of Congressional Hearing WSAV Sheila Parker May 20, 2015
Metro Changes Rape Kit Policy After Finding Nearly 100 Unprocessed In Past Ten Years WSAV 3 Sheila Parker August 26, 2015
Rape Kit Backlogs in Georgia Still A Concern, New Documentary Explores Victims' Stories Fox28 Media Shelbey Roberts October 30, 2017
Officials: Untested rape kits could cause delays, injustice Floyd County Times Sheldon Compton July 30, 2015
Weekly Wrap Up: Rape Kit Backlog 4WomenWorldwide Shelley Seyler January 28, 2011
Reader View: Testing of rape kits should be a state priority Santa Fe New Mexican Shelley Waxman August 27, 2016
State auditor launches investigation into untested rape kits KOAT 7 Albuquerque Shelly Ribando October 15, 2015
Michigan Women's Foundation leads campaign to raise $10M to test thousands of rape kits Crain's Detroit Business Sherri Welch January 6, 2015
Some women won't 'ever again' report a rape in Baltimore The New York Times Sheryl Gay Stolberg and Jess Bidgood August 11, 2016
Sexual assault survivors urge support of legislation to better track rape kits Mass Live Shira Schoenberg January 13, 2016
Pima Co. Attorney, Cochise Co. Sheriff appointed to task force targeting untested rape kits Tucson News Now Sim Lisaius January 27, 2016
Washington Working through Rape Kit Backlog but Has Several Thousand to Go Q13 Fox Simon Del Rosario April 26, 2018
Now-paralyzed man, 49, admits to 2002 rape after DNA kit match but gets a suspended sentence because he's already in a nursing home The Daily Mail Snejana Farberov February 10, 2017


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