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In this section, you can find an archive of information about the rape kit backlog, including news from across the country, investigative reports that have uncovered backlogs, op-eds from journalists and reformers, legislation and policy reports, government publications and more. Browse by date or by category below.

Title Sourcesort ascending Author(s) Post Date
Reducing the rape kit testing backlog Illinois Times Patrick Yeagle May 28, 2015
Battling rape on campus Illinois Times Patrick Yeagle May 7, 2015
Why We Cosponsored A Bill To Give Sexual Assault Victims A Bill of Rights Independent Journal Review Congresswoman Mimi Walters and Congressman Darrell Issa September 14, 2016
Nation Has Epidemic of Rape Kits Sitting on Shelves for Years. One Serial Rapist Went Free for Over Decade... Independent Journal Review Jed Smith December 15, 2016
Idaho's rape charges rarely result in sex crime convictions Idaho State Journal Kimberlee Kruesi July 25, 2017
Legislation Will Extend Length of Time Forensic Rape Kits are Preserved Hudson Valley Network Kathy Welsh January 23, 2018
Aldermen probe allegations of backlogged rape kits; could impact local case Hyde Park Herald Sam Rappaport August 5, 2015
Untested Virginia rape kits hide some unpleasant criminal (and political) numbers Hot Air Jazz Shaw July 7, 2015
Wisconsin DOJ awarded $4M to help solve problem of untested 'rape kits' Samara Kalk Derby September 10, 2015
Wisconsin Department of Justice, advocates focus on survivor-centric approach to sexual assault kit backlog The Capital Times Katelyn Ferral January 27, 2017
How is Wisconsin testing its old sexual assault evidence kits? Here are some questions and answers The Capital Times Katelyn Ferral February 13, 2017
Honda Fights To Address The Backlog Of Rape Kits In Alameda County, California And Across The Country Congressman Mike Honda Congressman Mike Honda May 21, 2015
Congressman Honda and District Attorney O'Malley to Update Status of Rape Kit Backlog Congressman Mike Honda Website Mike Honda August 12, 2014
Editorial: Clear Florida backlog of rape kits Tampa Bay Times The Editorial Board January 8, 2016
DNA matches Decatur man to cold case rape Herald Review Huey Freeman October 3, 2015
State to start testing rape kits Independent Record Holly K. Michels July 10, 2017
State will standardize collection, testing of sexual assault kits Independent Record Holly K. Michels April 4, 2017
Bill would remove force requirement from Montana rape laws Independent Record Holly Michels January 8, 2017
Justice for survivors of sexual assault in Montana Independent Record Tim Fox October 11, 2016
Untested rape-kit task force moving forward Independent Record December 29, 2015
DNA match brings new charges in child-rape case that resulted in wrongful conviction Helena Independent Record Jayme Fraser and Holly Michels December 3, 2015
Out of the Shadow: A Child Rape Survivor's Story Independent Record Jayme Fraser June 4, 2017
State Lawmakers Briefed on County Police Sexual Assault Kits Backlog Hawaii Public Radio Wayne Yoshioka December 15, 2016
Report: Thousands of rape kits untested The Sentinel Joseph Luiz July 31, 2015
Virginia Beach detective solve sexual assault, murder cold case from 1986 Pilot Online Katherine Hafner October 2, 2015


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