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In this section, you can find an archive of information about the rape kit backlog, including news from across the country, investigative reports that have uncovered backlogs, op-eds from journalists and reformers, legislation and policy reports, government publications and more. Browse by date or by category below.

Title Sourcesort ascending Author(s) Post Date
Untested rape-kit task force moving forward Independent Record December 29, 2015
DNA match brings new charges in child-rape case that resulted in wrongful conviction Helena Independent Record Jayme Fraser and Holly Michels December 3, 2015
Out of the Shadow: A Child Rape Survivor's Story Independent Record Jayme Fraser June 4, 2017
State Lawmakers Briefed on County Police Sexual Assault Kits Backlog Hawaii Public Radio Wayne Yoshioka December 15, 2016
Report: Thousands of rape kits untested The Sentinel Joseph Luiz July 31, 2015
Virginia Beach detective solve sexual assault, murder cold case from 1986 Pilot Online Katherine Hafner October 2, 2015
Virginia will test 2,00 rape kits connected to unsolved cases Pilot Online Jenna Portnoy September 14, 2015
Funding will bring a welcome end to long wait for DNA evidence tests Pilot Online Roger Chesley September 15, 2015
Untested DNA kits are a failure, and state's answer isn't multiple choice Pilot Online Roger Chesley July 11, 2015
Prosecutors question rape kit preservation The Virginian-Pilot Elizabeth Hulette July 24, 2014
GBI Says Thousands Of Rape Kits Await Testing GPB News Associated Press December 6, 2016
Man Indicted For 1995 West Village Rape After His DNA Matched Old Rape Kit Gothamist Rebecca Fishbein May 2, 2015
850 DNA Matches Found as Houston Clears Rape Kit Backlog Gawker Brendan O'Connor February 23, 2015
Governor Rauner Signs HB 369 into Law FW: Jennifer Smith Tapp August 8, 2015
This is Why Rape Kits Must Be Tested Dispatches from the Culture Wars Ed Brayton September 13, 2014
Sheriff's Office New Policy Will Affect All Rape Kits Collected Fox29 Yami Virgin December 18, 2017
Fox San Antonio Investigates Sexual Assault Case Handling by SAPD Fox San Antonio Yami Virgin November 15, 2017
State to test 100s of rape kits, some decades old FOX CT John Charlton September 11, 2015
Statewide rape kit backlog addressed FOX CT Jim McKeever July 22, 2015
Rape victim breaks silence on nabbing a killer, exonerating a man FOX CT Louisa Moller June 11, 2015
Unfounded rape case review finds none viable for prosecution Fox Baltimore Associated Press February 8, 2017
Two 'brutal serial rapists' already in prison indicted in attacks on seven women FOX 8 Cleveland Darcie Loreno August 13, 2015
Cleveland man indicted for raping two women, one man since 2001 Fox 8 Cleveland Jen Steer February 26, 2015
1st Indictment filed after increased rape kit testing Fox8 Cleveland Darcie Loreno March 14, 2013
New Bill Being Drafted That Would Require Testing for Sexual Assault Kits Fox59 Shannon Houser December 15, 2017


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