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In this section, you can find an archive of information about the rape kit backlog, including news from across the country, investigative reports that have uncovered backlogs, op-eds from journalists and reformers, legislation and policy reports, government publications and more. Browse by date or by category below.

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'Thousands' of rape kits untested in Florida, Pam Bondi says Orlando Sentinel Tiffany Walden September 9, 2015
'The game's changed': Rape kit retesting gains momentum Star Beacon Justin Dennis September 13, 2015
'Tag team' serial rapists will serve 30-year prison terms for 3 rapes solved by testing rape kits Rachel Dissell April 28, 2016
'She was a crack fiend' excuse less accepted as rape investigations and prosecutions improve Rachel Dissell February 10, 2017
'Rape kit' evidence brought down 'Ether Man' Albuquerque Journal November 15, 2015
'PERK Kit Work group' set up by Gov. McAuliffe meets today, invites public for comment ABC 8 News WRIC Newsroom September 17, 2015
'Outrage is consistent' over untested rape kits Courier Journal Matthew Glowicki July 8, 2015
'Not in this town' - A look at the fight to test Detroit's rape kits Metro Times Lauren Madison March 13, 2015
'Missed opportunities' provide lessons for better rape investigations and prosecutions Rachel Dissell February 10, 2017
'Melissa's Law' takes aim at untested rape kits KOIN 6 Amy Fraizer February 21, 2016
'Melissa's Law' designed to get thousands of rape victims justice KATU 2 Jackie LaBrecque February 2, 2016
'It's a public safety issue' — Should Utah require all rape kits to be tested? The Salt Lake Tribune Annie Knox and Jessica Miller April 11, 2016
'I was begging for my life,' victim testifies at East Pennsboro Twp. rape-at-gunpoint case Penn Live Steve Marroni December 14, 2015
'Early morning' rapist sentenced to 144 years to life in prison Ida Lieszkovasky June 17, 2015
'Early morning' rapist sentenced to 144 years to life in prison Ida Lieszkovasky June 17, 2015
'Early morning' rapist pleads guilty to a 2000 rape and burglary Ida Lieszkovasky June 8, 2015
'Cold Case Rape Kit Testing' Puts Serial Rapist Behind Bars NBC DFW Courtney Gilmore March 13, 2017
'Choose Respect' funding cut hours after rally Katie Moritz March 27, 2015
$800K grant will help test old rape kits in Jefferson County Beaumont Enterprise Brandon K. Scott December 29, 2015
$79M pledged to eliminate persistent rape kit backlog The Guardian Jessica Glenza September 10, 2015
$79 million to end rape kit backlog FOX News September 12, 2015
$78M Grant Announced to Eliminate, Reduce Untested Sexual Assault Kits Across the US My Champlain Valley Joe Gullo September 10, 2015
$75,000 in private donations collected for Detroit rape kit testing in three weeks MLive Gus Burns January 29, 2015
$41 million to help reduce rape kit backlog SF Gate Henry K. Lee August 12, 2014
$41 million may go to help get rid of rape kit backlog WUSA9 Debra Alfarone February 17, 2015


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