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In this section, you can find an archive of information about the rape kit backlog, including news from across the country, investigative reports that have uncovered backlogs, op-eds from journalists and reformers, legislation and policy reports, government publications and more. Browse by date or by category below.

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Senate Passes Bill Establishing Basic Rights for Sexual Assault Victims Nonprofit Quarterly Shafaq Hasan May 26, 2016
Insult atop Indignity: Rape Survivors Billed for Forensic Exams Nonprofit Quarterly Erin Rubin November 29, 2017
Serial Rapists Go Unidentified as Foundations Pony Up for Rape Kit Processing Nonprofit Quarterly Ruth McCambridge June 5, 2014
Manhattan DA Pledges $35M Nationally to Test Backlogged Rape Kits Nonprofit Quarterly Shafaq Hasan November 13, 2014
FY2016 Budget Proposes $41M Program to End Rape Kit Backlog The Nonprofit Quarterly Shafaq Hasan February 3, 2015
Houston Finds 850 DNA Matches after Eliminating Rape Kit Backlog The Nonprofit Quarterly Shafaq Hasan February 26, 2015
The socioeconomics of the Rape Kit Backlog Nonprofit Quarterly Shafaq Hasan May 12, 2015
Joyful Heart Reveals Rape Kit Backlog Data, But More Remains Unknown Nonprofit Quarterly Shafaq Hasan May 20, 2015
Maryland Man Sentenced For 2014 State Paddy's Day Sexual Assault Onward State Lexi Shimkonis October 15, 2015
Jones' Proposal To Address Backlog Of Untested Rape Kits Approved North Reading Patch Bob Holmes November 15, 2017
Rape Kit Test Leads To Arrest In 20 Year Old Las Vegas Cold Case Patch Lucas Thomas January 18, 2018
Audit Shows N Carolina Has 15K Untested Sexual Assault Kits Virginian-Pilot Martha Waggoner February 28, 2018
Editorial: At last, Virginia addresses backlog of untested rape kits The Virginian-Pilot The Virginian-Pilot Editorial Board June 19, 2017
Detective lauds sexual assault kits Portsmouth Daily Times Frank Lewis September 8, 2016
It's a Match: Rape kits revisited Elizabeth Nolan Brown June 2, 2015
Rape Kit Backlog Testing Gets $41 Million Boost From Obama Administration Elizabeth Nolan Brown September 11, 2015
Darren Sharper's Rape Spree Shows Why Athletes Get Away With Crimes Vice Jessica Luther April 9, 2015
What Is A Rape Kit? TestTube Julia Wilde January 16, 2015
Seeking Justice: How sexual assault victims can pursue action The Butler Collegian Matthew Vantryon April 14, 2015
As Nevada Chips Away at Its Rape Kit Backlog with One-Time Funds, Officials Eye Permanent Solution Nevada Independent Megan Messerly and Michelle Rindels September 10, 2017
Women Are Using Social Media as a Megaphone to Confront Nightlife's Rape Problem VICE Michelle Lhooq August 25, 2015
San Diego has Large Backlog of Rape Kits Needing Examination Times of San Diego Debbie L. Sklar April 25, 2017
New Research Shows What We Know (and Don't) About Serial Rapists News Wise Case Western Reserve University March 12, 2018
McDermed gives sex assault victims more state assistance Will County Gazette Caitlin Nordahl August 29, 2017
Formerly Disgraced DC Crime Lab Eliminates Rape Kit Backlog WTOP Megan Cloherty January 2, 2018


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