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In this section, you can find an archive of information about the rape kit backlog, including news from across the country, investigative reports that have uncovered backlogs, op-eds from journalists and reformers, legislation and policy reports, government publications and more. Browse by date or by category below.

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Police, sheriffs must soon pay to use state crime labs Jason Whitely July 20, 2017
Jefferson County to test backlogged rape kits with new $1.5 million grant Ivana Hrynkiw July 20, 2017
Rape kit backlog shrinking, support for victims growing, state officials report Standard-Examiner Nadia Pflaum July 20, 2017
New all-encompassing Sexual Assault Kit Information Line opens in Utah Good 4 Utah Ali Monsen July 19, 2017
Sex assault victims have new advocate, hotline for tracking rape kits Deseret News Pat Reavy July 19, 2017
Hamilton Co. Crime Lab Stops Testing CPD Rape Kits WVXU Jay Hanselman July 19, 2017
How One Seattle Woman’s Assault Led to Proposed Legislation Nationwide Seattle Weekly Sara Bernard July 18, 2017
Sheriff calls Upstate hospital's response to sex assault case 'absolutely unbelievable' WYFF 4 Stephanie Towers July 17, 2017
Online tracking system for sexual assault kits proves successful KIVI TV Stephanie Hale-Lopez July 17, 2017
DNA Found in Midland Helps Identify Rape Suspect in Charlotte Your Basin July 17, 2017
Fayetteville police make progress in sex assaults after 300+ rape kits trashed CBS North Carolina Robert Richardson July 17, 2017
Sheriff's Office: Hospital refused to give victim a sexual assault examination Greenville Online Staff report July 15, 2017
Idaho becomes first in the nation with online tracking of sexual assault kits Idaho Press-Tribune Emily Lowe July 15, 2017
Rape kit testing should not depend on charity San Francisco Chronicle Editorial Board July 15, 2017
DNA from backlogged PERK kit links Reynolds Metals heir to Florida rape WTVR Melissa Hipolit July 14, 2017
AG Madigan Issues Guidelines for Responding to Sexual Assault Crimes WTTW Kristen Thometz July 14, 2017
SANE hopes to contact 3,800 rape kit backlog victims KOB4 Jen French July 13, 2017
Austin ‘condones rape,’ committee leaders charge Austin American-Statesman Tony Plohetski July 13, 2017
The health care shortage that impacts victims of sexual assault newsworks Alex Stern July 13, 2017
Audit of all untested rape kits across the state could help determine storage needs MassLive Scott J. Croteau July 13, 2017
Sexual assault kit tracking system needed in Massachusetts so victims can check status, advocates say MassLive Scott J. Croteau July 13, 2017
Utah man pleads guilty in 2014 rape case after DNA match to sexual-assault kit evidence The Salt Lake Tribune Jessica Miller July 12, 2017
Wyoming Man Faces Rape Charges Dating Back to 1974 U.S. News & World Report AP July 12, 2017
Ending The Backlog: How Utah's Changing Treatment Of Sexual Assault Kits Can Help Survivors Utah Public Radio Katherine Taylor July 12, 2017
Great sexual assault evidence collection policies exist, but continue to be the exception to the rule MuckRock Vanessa Nason July 12, 2017


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