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In this section, you can find an archive of information about the rape kit backlog, including news from across the country, investigative reports that have uncovered backlogs, op-eds from journalists and reformers, legislation and policy reports, government publications and more. Browse by date or by category below.

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Rape Kits in America: From Swabs to Serial Killers in ViCAP Forensic Magazine Seth Augenstein January 4, 2018
Rape Kits in America: Devil's in the Forensic Details in Ohio Study Forensic Magazine Seth Augenstein January 2, 2018
Rape Kits in America: Battling the Backlog-on-Backlog in SAKI Forensic Magazine Seth Augenstein January 3, 2018
Rape kits go untested in Charlotte crimes NBC Charlotte Michelle Boudin July 17, 2015
Rape Kits Go Untested in Central Texas KCENTV Rissa Shaw July 16, 2015
Rape Kits Go Untested WUNC 91.5 Phoebe Judge & Hady Mawajdeh July 29, 2015
Rape kits found untested at Hollywood PD WSVN News 7 Carmel Cafiero and Danny Cohen January 15, 2014
Rape kits delayed is justice denied, Part 3 Florida Politics Florence Snyder March 23, 2017
Rape Kits Dating Back to 2003 Remain Untested San Francisco News Joseph Wilhelm June 7, 2015
Rape kits crucial to assault investigations Argus Leader Danielle Ferguson April 20, 2017
Rape kits collecting dust across NC Bladen Journal November 3, 2015
Rape kits at center of Attorney General race WKYC Sara E Shookman October 20, 2014
Rape kits - Rapists who have been under the radar will finally be unmasked Benchmark Reporter David Findley June 1, 2015
Rape kit's testing leads to arrest in 2006 assault on teenager in Hollywood Sun-Sentinel Wayne K. Roustan August 6, 2014
Rape Kit Update Memphis Flyer Bianca Phillips June 16, 2015
Rape kit untested for nearly two years ABC7 KATV Jason Pederson February 29, 2012
Rape Kit Tracking Program Will Benefit Victims Daily Mining Gazette Daily Mining Gazette Editorial Board November 13, 2017
Rape Kit Tracking Funding Concurring Votes Away from Passage WCMU Cheyna Roth October 23, 2017
Rape Kit Tracking Aid on Its Way to Snyder Detroit News Michael Gerstein October 31, 2017
Rape kit ties man to second rape case in Memphis George Brown January 28, 2016
Rape kit tests try to bring justice, stop new crimes Detroit Free Press Rochelle Riley June 2, 2015
Rape Kit Tests Put Hundreds Behind Bars in Ohio WSAZ News Cannel Associated Press June 6, 2015
Rape kit tests lead to arrest of Port Huron man The Times Herald Bob Gross January 26, 2017
Rape kit tests in Ohio find more than half of sexual assaults committed by serial rapists The New York Times WITW STAFF June 9, 2016
Rape kit testing: Where is the funding? WFPL Ryland Barton September 21, 2015


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