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In this section, you can find an archive of information about the rape kit backlog, including news from across the country, investigative reports that have uncovered backlogs, op-eds from journalists and reformers, legislation and policy reports, government publications and more. Browse by date or by category below.

Title Source Author(s) Post Date
Oregon AG: Free counseling for victims of rape, sexual assault KTVZ April 12, 2016
'It's a public safety issue' — Should Utah require all rape kits to be tested? The Salt Lake Tribune Annie Knox and Jessica Miller April 11, 2016
Every rape kit booked into evidence in Hawaii should be tested by police Honolulu Star Advertiser Kata Issari and Natasha Alexenko April 9, 2016
The Horrifying Consequences of our National Rape Kit Backlog TruthDig Kali Holloway April 8, 2016
Sexual assault survivors deserve better in Maryland The Baltimore Sun Ilse Knecht April 7, 2016
BYU Professor Releases Findings on Sexual Assault Kit Study Utah KUTV Heidi Hatch April 7, 2016
How victims are notified about untested rape kits matters, Joyful Heart Foundation report says Rachel Dissell April 7, 2016
Officials Tout Progress Reducing Backlog Untested Rape Kits The Florida Times Union Saphara Harrell April 5, 2016
Editorial: Delaware needs to lead, not follow with rape kits Delaware Online March 29, 2016
Delaware works to find closure after 1,000+ untested rape kits sit on shelves WDel Amy Cherry March 27, 2016
More than 1,000 untested rape kits in Delaware The News Journal Brittany Horn March 27, 2016
Illinois State Police swamped with DNA tests on rapes, murders The Chicago Sun Times Frank Main March 27, 2016
Florida ready to tackle rape kit backlog Sun Sentinel Linda Trischitta March 24, 2016
New laws confront unsolved rapes, HIV Miami Herald March 23, 2016
Samantha Bee unleashes hellfire on local officials standing in the way of rape kit testing Vox Emily Crockett March 22, 2016
Sheriff Objects to Testing All Rape Kits Because He Thinks Most Accusations Are False Cosmopolitan Prachi Gupta March 17, 2016
Ga. senator defends move to block rape evidence bill but gets some facts wrong Atlanta Constitution Journal Willoughby Mariano March 16, 2016
After USA NETWORK Investigation, rape-kit reforms flood state legislatures USA TODAY Steve Reilly March 10, 2016
'Melissa's Law' takes aim at untested rape kits KOIN 6 Amy Fraizer February 21, 2016
State task force begins looking into protocols for rape kits Billings Gazette Associated Press February 16, 2016
I-Team examines backlog of untested rape kits WTMJ-TV Milwaukee Courtny Gerrish February 8, 2016
Man sentenced to life in prison for 2012 rape The Telegraph Laura Corley February 3, 2016
Improve 'rape kit' system, but ensure accountability of those of those monitoring it Seattle Times Editorial Board February 3, 2016
Ypsilanti's 30 untested rape kits tied to complete or disputed cases Lindsay Knake February 3, 2016
Ohio tests more than 9,800 rape kits or DNA matches WLWT February 3, 2016


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