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In this section, you can find an archive of information about the rape kit backlog, including news from across the country, investigative reports that have uncovered backlogs, op-eds from journalists and reformers, legislation and policy reports, government publications and more. Browse by date or by category below.

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Greeley man pleads guilty to kidnapping in connection with 1984 rape case Greeley Tribune Tommy Simmons August 14, 2017
Greeley authorities and advocates discuss Colorado’s statute of limitations on rape The Tribune Tommy Simmons April 1, 2017
Greeley man convicted of kidnapping in 32-year-old rape case sentenced to 24 years in prison Greeley Tribune Tommy Simmons July 21, 2017
Two men plead not guilty in 32-year-old Greeley rape case Greeley Tribune Tommy Simmons September 23, 2016
Thousands of Samples: Untested Rape Kits Hold Evidence WVTF Radio Tommie McNeil September 24, 2015
Duluth Cops, Advocates Partner to Improve Sexual Assault Investigations Duluth News Tribune Tom Olsen November 4, 2017
Grant allows for collaboration between authorities, sex assault victims Duluth News Tribune Tom Olsen September 20, 2015
Dozens Of Untested Rape Kits Found In Police Evidence Room AOL News - WGN Tom Negovan November 20, 2012
Rape charges filed against Destin man decade after crime NWF Daily News Tom McLaughlin February 8, 2017
Auditor to count number of untested rape kits The Courier-Journal Tom Loftus April 15, 2015
Clearing rape kit testing backlog already beginning to reap results The State Journal Tom Latek July 31, 2017
Colorado High Court Rules Sex Offenders Can Be Charged for Rape Kits U.S. News & World Report Tom James June 5, 2017
Police reducing rape kit backlog Knox Blogs Tom Humphrey December 27, 2015
Our opinionL Time to consider the testing of all rape kits Grand Forks Herald Tom Dennis November 23, 2015
DC police admit botching 11-year-old girl's rape case, arresting her instead of her attackers Raw Story Tom Boggioni March 13, 2015
Many rape kits tested, many more to be done WKYC Tom Beres November 20, 2013
Funding sought to battle backlog in Michigan rape cases Detroit Free Press Todd Spangler April 15, 2015
Michigan gets $7.5M to help clear untested rape kits Detroit Free Press Todd Spangler September 10, 2015
DOJ: No rape evidence testing without consent Wisconsin Law Journal Todd Richmond December 14, 2014
Eyewitnesses, DNA evidence in girl's rape - yet it took nearly a year for arrests to be made Todd Cooper November 10, 2015
DNA sample, detective work lead to arrest and sex assault conviction of coercive peeping Tom Todd Cooper November 26, 2015
More Untested Rape Kits Found Memphis Flyer Toby Sells September 16, 2014
Memphis Rape Kit Fight Gets New Ally Memphis Flyer Toby Sells November 20, 2014
More Money Approved for Rape Kit Backlog Memphis Flyer Toby Sells June 3, 2015
Rape Kit Backlog Testing to Finish This Year Memphis Flyer Toby Sells January 17, 2017


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