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In this section, you can find an archive of information about the rape kit backlog, including news from across the country, investigative reports that have uncovered backlogs, op-eds from journalists and reformers, legislation and policy reports, government publications and more. Browse by date or by category below.

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What's the status of Dallas' rape kit backlog? These charts explain Dallas Morning News Sarah Mervosh June 25, 2015
Crime Writer Pushes for Progress in Rape-Kits Backlog After Her Assault Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen October 20, 2016
Sexual assault task force sets out to clear backlog of untested kits Cronkite News Audrey Weil January 28, 2016
Federal funds target national, state backlogs for testing rape kits Cronkite News Miranda Leo March 16, 2015
Rape Trial begins The Daily Advocate Christina Chalmers April 27, 2015
Just One Of Alabama’s Counties Accounts For 21 Percent Of Its Rape Cases The Daily Caller Anders Hagstrom July 20, 2017
Series of unsolved sexual assaults linked to Cambridge assailiant The Daily Free Press Mina Corpuz July 14, 2015
Patterson sentenced to 20 years for rape, assault Daily Journal Online September 26, 2014
Victim of On-Campus Rape Files Lawsuit Against UC Regents Daily Nexus Nicolas Bogel-Burroughs January 27, 2016
Forensics organization to use grant for DNA profiling in rape cases The Daily Orange Arva Hassonjee October 15, 2015
DNA testing exonerates Dallas man but real rapist goes free for 1990 crime culturemap Dallas Claire St. Amant July 24, 2014
Delaware gets federal grant to test sexual assault kits Delaware Public Media James Dawson November 5, 2015
GOP calls for expanding DNA sampling for violent crimes Delaware Public Media Eli Chen December 5, 2015
Biden and Mikulski Highlight Funding for Clearing Rape Kit Backlog Delmarva Public Radio Don Rush March 16, 2015
New laws aim to speed up processing of rape evidence CBS2 Denver May 15, 2013
Bill Would Allow Rape Victims To Keep Their Names Out Of Police Reports CBS Denver February 10, 2015
Rape Victims Tell Colorado Lawmakers To Pass The 'Anonymous' Bill CBS Denver March 7, 2015
Man Charged in 2010 Cold Case Sexual Assault After Victim Passed Away CBS Denver October 9, 2015
Efforts Boosted To Bring Charges Linked To Detroit Rape Kits CBS Detroit Associated Press May 19, 2015
Wayne County Offers $1M To Fund Investigators For Rape Kit Backlog CBS Detroit November 3, 2015
Sen. Wendy Davis hopes new tax can help tackle rape kit backlog CBS DFW May 30, 2012
Dallas DA Doubles Sex Assault Unit To Handle Influx Of Cold Cases CBS DFW Brian New June 24, 2015
DNA Leads To Arrest In Dallas Sexual Assault Case CBS DFW July 31, 2015
New DNA Standards Could Lead To Thousands of Texas Retrials CBS DFW October 6, 2015
Pair Arrested in 2008 Sexual Assault Case CBS DFW January 7, 2016


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