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In this section, you can find an archive of information about the rape kit backlog, including news from across the country, investigative reports that have uncovered backlogs, op-eds from journalists and reformers, legislation and policy reports, government publications and more. Browse by date or by category below.

Title Source Author(s) Post Datesort ascending
Clearing The Rape Kit Backlog is Fraught With Obstacles Vocativ Abigail Tracy May 17, 2015
Window to prosecute Ohio rape cases to be extended to 25 years, longer with DNA evidence Rachel Dissell May 16, 2015
Of 260 untested rape kits, Chattanooga area officials say only 11 still merit investigation Times Free Press Claire Wiseman May 16, 2015
WA rape kit bill symbolic, needs context MY Northwest Jason Rantz May 15, 2015
Gov. Inslee signs rape kit testing bill KIRO TV Associated Press May 15, 2015
Kokomo student charged with rape, sexual battery WISHTV Marissa Miller May 14, 2015
Gov. Inslee signs bill to encourage testing of rape kits The News Tribune Melissa Santos May 14, 2015
Will Philly End Its Rape Kit Backlog? Philly Mag Liz Spikol May 14, 2015
Washington governor signs law requiring rape kit testing King 5 News Linda Byron May 14, 2015
Washington State Law Requires Rape Kit Testing NBC News May 14, 2015
Cobb Police Have Hundreds of Untested Rape Kits: Report East Cobb Patch Justin Ove May 13, 2015
Pinkston backs proposal to test thousands of old rape kits Times Free Press Claire Wiseman May 13, 2015
Agencies work to process backlog of untested rape kits WTOC Conny Cooper May 13, 2015
Georgia Authorities Uncover Thousands of Untested Rape Kits #ENDTHEBACKLOG Blue Nation Review Goldie Taylor May 13, 2015
TBI To Apply For Grant To Test Backlogged Rape Kits News Channel 9 Briona Arradondo May 13, 2015
DA, Chattanooga police chief support testing backlogged rape kits WRCBTV Beth Burger, Dan Kennedy May 13, 2015
Proposed legislation extends rape prosecution window Your News Now Tricia Bell May 13, 2015
The socioeconomics of the Rape Kit Backlog Nonprofit Quarterly Shafaq Hasan May 12, 2015
Thousands of untested rape kits discovered in Atlanta, Athens Atlanta Sun Times Will Hager May 12, 2015
Ohio House Passes Legislation to Extend Potential Prosecution of Rapists Beyond Current Statute of Limitations Aurora Advocate Marc Kovac May 12, 2015
Ohio House votes to extend period for prosecuting rape cases The News-Herald Associated Press May 12, 2015
Paying for Louisiana rape kit testing Gambit Alex Woodward May 11, 2015
Police: Man arrested tied to 12 sexually motivated burglaries in U-District SeattlePI Lynsi Burton May 11, 2015
More than 7,000 rape kits tested for DNA evidence News Net 5 Ron Regan May 11, 2015
Thousands of untested rape kits discovered in police evidence rooms, hospital CBS46 Jeff Chirico May 11, 2015


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