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In this section, you can find an archive of information about the rape kit backlog, including news from across the country, investigative reports that have uncovered backlogs, op-eds from journalists and reformers, legislation and policy reports, government publications and more. Browse by date or by category below.

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Testing rape kits a priority as is bill News-Press Lizbeth Benacquisto January 22, 2016
Man who spent 22 years in prison for rape he didn't commit faces long legal battle with NYC over $18 million jury award NY Daily News Victoria Bekiempis January 22, 2016
Sen. John Cooke works to remove 10-year sex-assault statute of limitations The Greeley Tribune January 22, 2016
Charges: Man Linked To 2003 St. Paul Sex Assault, Burglary Through DNA CBS Minnesota January 21, 2016
Homeless suspect sought in rape of 12-year-old at Southside Place CVS Instant News West U Charlotte Aguilar January 21, 2016
Rape kit results lead to arrest in 2013 case Commercial Appeal Kayleigh Skinner January 21, 2016
No More Dillydallying: Pay the Money, Test the Rape Kits Sunshine State News Nancy Smith January 21, 2016
In Plaquemine nursing home, police find suspect in Jefferson rape and murder 31 years ago Jonathan Bullington January 20, 2016
Gov. Ducey sets $500k aside to test hundreds of rape kits ABC 15 Arizona Melissa Blasius January 20, 2016
Justice Denied (Again) Folio Weekly Claire Goforth January 20, 2016
Farley-Bouvier Pushing to Aid Rape Victims iBerkshires Andy McKeever January 20, 2016
Victim testifies in sexual assault trial La Crosse Tribune Anne Jungen January 20, 2016
Backlog of Untested Rape Kits Slowly Starts to Diminish Good 4 Utah Glen Beeby January 20, 2016
Baton Rouge Police: DNA evidence links pair to 1995 rape; woman given choice to be raped 'or die' The Advocate Bryn Stole January 20, 2016
Proposed tax on Wash. strip clubs would fund testing of rape kits KIRO 7 January 19, 2016
State crime lab makes headway in testing thousands of Code-R kits statewide FOX 13 SLC Tiffany DeMasters January 19, 2016
How strip clubs could aid Washington's rape kit dilemma MY Northwest Eric Mandel January 19, 2016
Knoxville Man Charged in 2008 Sexual Assault KNIA KRLS Dr. Bob Leonard and Andrew Schneider January 19, 2016
Untested Grady Memorial Hospital rape kits slated for DNA analysis Atlanta Journal Constitution Willoughby Mariano January 19, 2016
Expedite Florida's rape-kit testing Miami Herald Loren Elliot January 19, 2016
Proposed strip club tax would fund rape kit testing KING 5 Linda Byron January 18, 2016
Sheriff: DNA Match Links Convicted Sex Offender to 2008 Rape Case WHO TV January 18, 2016
New Science-Based Brochure Provides Practical Guidance for Notifying Victims of Sex Assault After their Kit is Tested PR Newswire January 18, 2016
What's Being Done To Address The Country's Backlog Of Untested Rape Kits NPR NPR Staff January 17, 2016
Also up on Beacon Hill The Sun Chronicle January 17, 2016


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