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Across the country, the rape kit backlog is making headlines. Journalists are uncovering backlogs, jurisdictions are implementing reforms to track and test rape kits and citizens are taking action. In the Media Center, you'll find the latest information about the backlog, including: commentary from the END THE BACKLOG staff and backlog reformers, first-person testimonials from those impacted by the backlog, an archive of news articles, op-eds, investigative reports, legislation and government publications we've identified, and more.

EndTheBacklogJuly 31, 2019

Already in 2019: 20 Laws, 16 States

In just the first half of 2019, rape kit reform has made tremendous advances in state capitols across the country. Survivors, advocates, legislators, law enforcement, and countless others have rallied around ending the backlog of untested kits, investigating cases, and supporting survivors. Since January, 20 rape kit reform laws have been enacted in 16 states.


EndTheBacklogJanuary 14, 2019

Successes in 2018: 18 Laws, 16 States

In 2018, rape kit reform took a tremendous step forward. Survivors, advocates, legislators, and countless others around the country rallied around ending the backlog, investigating cases, and supporting survivors. In 2018, 18 rape kit reform laws were enacted in 16 states. Hawai‘i, our birthplace, and New York, our current home state, both joined Texas in enacting full rape kit reform.


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