Urgent: Georgia's Rape Kit Reform Bill Is Moving and Needs Your Voice!

The "Pursuing Justice for Rape Victims Act" is a highly supported piece of Georgia legislation brought by Rep. Scott Holcomb to address the untested rape kit backlog. The House of Representatives passed the bill, unanimously. However, it was blocked in the Senate Health & Human Services Committee.

Now, the Pursuing Justice for Rape Victims bill has been attached to another bill, SB 304, which has passed out of the House. It will now go to the Lt. Governor's desk, and he can call it up for a vote on the Senate floor TODAY.  

This bill is critical to improving the management of rape kits and to bringing accountability and transparency to the criminal justice system. The passage of this bill would:

  • Address the failures at Grady Hospital by requiring hospitals to notify law enforcement who must then pick up rape kits within 96 hours; 
  • Mandate that law enforcement send kits to a lab within 30 days; 
  • Require audits of law enforcement agencies that are responsible for collecting rape kits; and,
  • Address lab accountability by mandating reporting about the number of rape kits in their inventory. 

Take Action today by contacting the Lt. Governor’s office and asking him to call SB 304 for a vote in the Senate. This bill is widely supported by sexual assault victims, the advocates who work with them, health care providers and law enforcement.

Call Lt. Governor Casey Cagle at (404) 656-5030 or send an email and share on social media. 

This urgent, bipartisan bill, will help ensure the timely processing of rape kits. On behalf of survivors and advocates alike, thank you for your help. 


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