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We do not know the extent of the backlog in Oklahoma. Like most states, Oklahoma does not require its law enforcement agencies to track or count rape kits. In fact, just three states do—Colorado, Illinois and Texas—and because of the reforms those states have implemented, we now have a more accurate picture of the backlog there. This can happen in Oklahoma, too. Take action today to advocate for transparency and change from our elected officials.


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State Senator Constance Johnson introduced legislation in February 2014 that would require law enforcement to submit newly collected rape kits for testing within 10 business days of receipt and the crime lab to process that evidence within six months of receipt if sufficient staffing and resources are available. The legislation would also mandate that each law enforcement agency provide an inventory of all previously untested kits to the State by July 1, 2015, and submit those kits for testing within six months of the law's effective date, November 1, 2014. Unfortunately, the bill did not pass before the end of the legislative session. 

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