Today, a bigger picture of the backlog

USA TODAY, Gannett and TEGNA TV have just released the results of a sweeping investigation on the scope of the rape kit backlog.

Accountability Is the First Step

Once the extent of a jurisdiction’s backlog is revealed, real reform can begin.

Joyful Heart Releases Data on Rape Kit Backlogs in Four U.S. Cities

Information was gathered through public records requests.

Featured Reformer: Keli Rabon

Keli Rabon is an investigative reporter with Call7News in Denver, Colorado. Her work to uncover rape kit backlogs in both Denver and Memphis has led to policy changes, and has earned Keli numerous awards. ENDTHEBACKLOG spoke with her.

Pheonix police to test more rape kits after ABC15 Investigation

The Phoenix Police Department has made significant changes to their protocols for testing DNA in rape cases after an ABC15 Investigation exposed thousands of Valley sex crimes had untested evidence.

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