Two rape kit reform bills, S.B. 1449 and A.B. 3118, are pending in the California legislature. S.B 1449 has passed the Senate and will be going to the Assembly floor for a final vote and A.B. 3118 has passed the Assembly and will be going to the Senate floor for its final vote. We need your help to get these bills approved before the legislature ends on August 31.

Please contact your state legislators now. Urge them to vote Yes on S.B. 1449 and A.B. 3118 before August 31.

Together, S.B. 1449 and A.B. 3118 will bring California considerably closer to comprehensive rape kit reform:

  • S.B. 1449, sponsored by Senator Connie Leyva, will require law enforcement to submit rape kits for testing within 20 days of collection and crime labs to test the evidence within 120 days of receipt. Currently, state law merely encourages the timely submission and testing of kits. According to an analysis of public records requests issued through The Accountability Project in eight California jurisdictions, encouragement is not enough. Rape kits are languishing—untested—in storage facilities throughout the state.
  • A.B. 3118, sponsored by Assemblymember David Chiu, calls for the first-ever statewide count of rape kits. We don’t know how many untested kits are sitting on shelves in California. That’s unacceptable! We must get an accurate inventory. Once we know the scope of the problem, we work to fix it. We owe it to survivors who have been waiting for years—sometimes decades—to know what happened to their rape kit.

Funding for both bills has been included in the state budget: $1 million to complete a statewide inventory of rape kits and $6.5 million to fund testing.

Send a message to your state legislators to vote Yes on legislation to count and test rape kits in California.


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