In a surprising and disappointing move, California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed S.B. 1449, a bill mandating the testing of all newly collected rape kits. S.B. 1449 would have required law enforcement to submit kits for testing within 20 days of collection and crime labs to test the evidence within 120 days of receipt. It was passed unanimously by the California legislature.

Current state law merely encourages the timely submission and testing of kits. According to an analysis of public records requests issued through The Accountability Project in eight California jurisdictions, encouragement is not enough. Rape kits are languishing untested in storage facilities throughout the state.

Write Governor Brown to let him know you are disappointed by his veto.

We are as determined as ever to bring a path to healing and justice to survivors in California and across the nation and will continue to working to bring mandatory rape kit testing to the state.


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