California Residents: Critical Rape Kit Bill

Exciting news! Rape kit reform took a meaningful step forward in California: S.B. 22 passed the Senate and the Assembly! We are grateful to all of you who made your support loud and clear for S.B. 22!

Now that the California Assembly has moved S.B. 22 forward, Governor Gavin Newsom must sign it to end the backlog for survivors in California. Join us to take action now to call on Governor Newsom to sign S.B. 22 today!

Not in California? Contact Your State Officials

Your governor, state senator, and state representative are key targets in the effort to pass rape kit reform laws in your state. Take action today to support this effort.

Write your state officials

Contact Congress

Every year, Congress funds rape kit testing through several grant programs. Urge your federal elected officials to keep these funds available.

Write to Congress

Progress on rape kit reform is happening. Be a part of it.

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