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On March 24, 2016, Georgia joined the growing list of states embracing rape kit reform. The bill passed unanimously by the House and then was absorbed by another bill in the Senate where it also passed unanimously.

Georgia's new legislation sets guidelines for rape kit testing and mandates law enforcement to submit rape kits for testing within 30 days of pickup from the hospital, requires all previously untested rape kits to be submitted for testing by August 2016, and addresses lab accountability by mandating reporting on the number of rape kits in their inventory. 

We do not currently know the full size of the rape kit backlog in Georgia. However, the District Attorney's Office of New York awarded nearly $2 million to the Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council to test kits in 2015 and that same year, they completed a partial count which revealed at least 3,108 untested kits. 

  • Backlog Status

Partially Counted
In Testing
Not Cleared

*This figure represents the total number of previously untested kits submitted to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation by August 2016.

  • Reform Status

Tracking Testing Victim Notification
No Known Reform
Reform in Progress
Partial Reform
Complete Reform
  • Additional Information

Through The Accountability Project, we are using public records to bring the number of untested kits in Atlanta to light.

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