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*Partial count of untested kits in Charlotte uncovered through The Accountability Project

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The extent of the untested rape kit backlog in North Carolina is unknown. North Carolina law does not require law enforcement agencies to count, track, or test rape kits. 

In 2014, The Accountability Project issued an open records request to bring the number of untested rape kits in Charlotte to light. Through this request, we uncovered a backlog of 1,019 untested rape kits in Charlotte. In 2015, we issued open records requests to Durham and Raleigh. To date, we have not received complete responses to these requests. 

In 2015, the U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) awarded the City of Fayetteville $363,090 to test kits, investigate and prosecute cases, and re-engage survivors. Also in 2015, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office awarded the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department $557,974 to test 885 rape kits. In 2016, the BJA awarded the City of Fayetteville an additional $793,372 to sustain this work.

In 2016, the BJA awarded new grants to several agencies in North Carolina: the City of Charlotte was awarded $1,125,606 to process 300 unsubmitted rape kits, investigate and prosecute cases, and re-engage survivors; and the City of Greenville Police Department was awarded $219,496 to process 312 unsubmitted rape kits, investigate and prosecute cases, and re-engage survivors. In 2017, the BJA awarded the City of Charlotte $837,342 to process an additional 600 kits and sustain this work.

In 2017, legislators included a provision requiring a one-time, statewide inventory of untested rape kits in the custdy of law enforcement agencies in the final state budget (see p. 330). The Department of Justice State Crime Laboratory must submit an inventory report to the legislature by March 2018.


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