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Rhode Island

We do not know the extent of the backlog in Rhode Island. Like many states, Rhode Island does not require its law enforcement agencies to track or count rape kits, making it difficult to know the extent of the rape kit backlog here. However, legislation recently introduced in Rhode Island could soon change that.  

In 2016, legislators in Rhode Island introduced SB-2063 which passed the Senate on June 2, 2016. Rhode Island Senate Bill 2063 requires all law enforcement agencies within the state to conduct an inventory of all sexual assault kits being stored by the agency by November 1, 2016 and to prepare and send to the state attorney general a written report with the number of untested kits in the agencies' possession by February 1, 2017.  By July 1, 2017, the RI attorney general must transmit a report to the president of the senate and the speaker of the house with the untested kit information from all agencies and a plan for addressing the backlog. The bill would mandate that every rape kit collected shall be sent to the crime lab for testing within 72 hours of collection and the lab must test the kits within 180 days after submission. 

Join us and take action today to advocate for transparency and change from our elected officials.

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Through The Accountability Project, we are using public records requests to bring the number of untested kits at the Rhode Island Crime Lab to light.

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