If a Kit Is Backlogged

If your case is still within the statute of limitations, it might be possible to move forward with a prosecution depending on several factors, including when or if your kit will be tested and whether the perpetrator can be identified and/or located. You can contact the police detective or prosecutor assigned to your case for more information about the status of your kit and your case. 

If the statute of limitations for your case has expired and it can no longer be prosecuted, you can still contact the police detective or prosecutor assigned to your case to tell them you would like to know about the results of any testing on the rape kit. Even if your case will not move forward, DNA evidence from your kit may link the perpetrator to other cases that can still be prosecuted. If the offender is already incarcerated for other crimes, the DNA evidence from your case may affect decisions relating to parole. 

Many survivors have found it helpful to work with a victim advocate when contacting law enforcement. Advocates can make phone calls and arrange meetings and often have working relationships with the local police and prosecutors. They have been trained on what questions to ask and how to ask those questions.

To reach your local rape crisis centers to find a victim advocate, contact RAINN, the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, at 1.800.656.HOPE or online here.

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